Special offers running at the moment are:

Past Life Regression - £50 saving you £20 

Hypnotic Gastric Band (6 Sessions) - £330 (£55 per session)  saving you £90

These 2 are available to book in March.


Book yourself in for Reiki & Natural lift facial massage and enjoy 90 minutes of sheer bliss, relaxation and rejuvenation

45 minutes of Reiki - A truly relaxing therapy where we locate blockages within your chakras, clear them and balance. At the end I add in Tibetan sound bowls and the gong to really give those energy centres a good shake up!

Then we follow with the Natural lift facial massage - 45 minutes - absolute bliss! It’s relaxing, rejuvenating, improves the condition of your skin, lifts and tones, improves circulation, relieves stress and tension and gives a more youthful look!

You’ll get an added bonus of an aromatherapy facial moisturiser applied at the end.

Don’t underestimate how relaxing these 2 therapies are. You’ll definitely leave ‘The Zen Den’ feeling Relaxed, Rejuvenated and Restored.

Only £48 for the month of March. A saving of £10!

You can book your appointments  https://peaceofmindtherapies.book.app/book-now

(It’s listed under Special Offers))

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